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5 benefits of raw food diets for dogs

One of the biggest challenges pet owners face is deciding whether to feed their dogs a raw diet. This is controversial as some pet owners say it is dangerous due to choking hazards, exposure to bacteria and vitamin deficiencies. However, some argue that dogs are just like people, and feel better when eating all-natural foods.

Take a closer look at the pros of a raw food diet for dogs 5 benefits of raw food

If you truly adore your canine companion, you always strive to eat a better quality diet to maintain optimal health and longevity for your dog. However, with so many dog ​​food options out there, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right dog food. Much like CBD oil for pets, raw food based diets are becoming increasingly popular.

Where did raw diets originate from?

In 1993, Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst pointed out how a domestic dog could benefit from a raw diet like sled dogs and greyhounds. According to Billinghurst, our diet evolved, and dogs were domesticated, yet their diet must be based on raw food.

A grain-based diet is harmful to a dog’s health while raw, meaty bones and vegetable scraps are beneficial. Other types of raw dog diets have evolved, which are commercially processed raw diets that are freeze-dried or freeze-dried. There are raw diets combined with grains, vegetables, and vitamins.

What exactly is the raw dog food diet?

A raw dog food diet usually consists of the following:

Muscle and organ meat (protein)
– bones
– egg
– broccoli, spinach and celery
Apples and other fruits
– yogurt

What are the potential benefits of a raw dog diet?

Pet owners on a raw food diet have claimed that their four-legged friends have experienced beneficial changes that include:
Healthier skin
– Shinier coats
Cleaner teeth and better breath
Higher energy levels
Smaller stools

What about the cost of a raw dog food diet?

The cost of a raw dog food diet depends on the ingredients used and how they are prepared. Super premium dried commercial dog foods can cost a lot of money, much more than a diet. Vitamin and supplement costs should be included when calculating the total cost of any dog’s diet. Many pet owners consider the cost of their dogs’ healthcare while budgeting.

If you agree that feeding your dog a diet of raw dog food will make him healthier, it’s fair to say that the cost of veterinary care will be cheaper over his life than if you fed him store-bought food.

5 benefits of raw dite for dog


The main thing is to follow a few basic rules.

Before introducing grains into the diet, you should consult your veterinarian. The specialist will assess the state of the dog’s health and determine the necessary daily dose of porridge, its type and grinding volume. The fact is that for feeding small, medium and large breeds, these indicators may differ significantly.
If a pet has any chronic diseases or allergies to certain products (and this is also often the case), you must inform the doctor about them in advance.
It is strictly forbidden to exceed the daily or weekly dose of porridge, as well as to change its appearance. This can lead to a health problem for the dog.
Unfortunately, some breeders believe that they can give their pets any type of grain daily or feed the dog only one type of grain. not like that.15 Dry Dog Food Brands You Didn’t Know About

Develop a diet

Develop a diet

If the dog initially eats natural food, cooked with his own hands, in addition to cereals, these products should also be included in its menu.

Dairy products should be about a fifth of the total menu volume. Here you can use ryazhenka, and cottage cheese, and kefir, and natural yogurt, and varenets.
Fish offal, fish and meat. These foods should make up half of the entire diet. Depending on the breed, age and size of the dog, they are given raw and boiled.
Vegetables can take up from 5 to 20% of a dog’s total daily diet. It is given both raw and boiled.
The rest of the list, which is about 20-25%, should fall on cereals. Of them prepare a special mixture for feeding the animal.ALL DOGS: A complete diet for your dog.

5 benefits of raw food

For adult dogs

When the dog reaches the age of 12 months, its diet is enriched with fermented milk products, and the proportion of vegetables and meat is also increased. If the animal grows and develops normally, it will leave the list for many years.

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