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dog diseases

Knowing the types of dog diseases and paying attention to them will make you aware of the early stages of the disease and work to treat it at the first opportunity. Some diseases, when they arise, can affect other parts of the body or cause secondary infections and can be very difficult to treat, so no matter how much we emphasize that prevention and treatment in the early stages of the disease is still of little importance.

Cancer, diabetes, heartworms, cannabis, parureus, rabies, and hip dysplasia are the most common canine diseases. In this article, we wrote about the symptoms, causes, and prevention methods of these diseases that will help you keep your dog; So join us.

Cancer in dogs and its causes

dog diseases

Cancer is one of the most common canine diseases in older dogs. Finding out if a loved one has cancer can be distressing and confusing. When your dog is one of those people with this disease, it’s important to remember that different vets have different treatments and different opinions about cancer. So the best way is always to consult not one person, but to consult different people to treat or prevent this disease so that you can choose the best method.

Cancer is a disease in dogs in which cells grow uncontrollably, destroying body tissues and can affect other areas of the body. Dogs have different types of cancer just like humans. Cancer is a multifactorial disease, which means that there is no known cause, but genetic and environmental factors can cause sand cancer

Symptoms of cancer in dogs

gland (benign or malignant)
Wounds that heal slowly or do not heal
Bad breath
Abnormal secretions from different parts of the body
Weight loss
sudden loss of balance
Decreased or lost appetite
Difficulty breathing, urinating, or

Cancer in different dog breeds

As we said earlier, cancer can have genetic causes, so some breeds are more prone to certain types of cancer. Knowing what type of cancer your dog is likely to get helps you be sensitive to its symptoms and recognize it in the early stages of the disease. Boxers, Boston Terriers, and Golden Retrievers, for example, are more likely to develop lymphoma (or lymph node) cancer, while larger breeds, such as Great Danes or Saint Bernards, are more likely to develop bone cancer.

Prevention of cancer in dogs

Spaying after the first estrous period (menstruation) can reduce the risk of breast cancer in female dogs to zero, and spaying in male dogs reduces the risk of testicular cancer.

Cancer treatment
Radiation therapy

Diabetes mellitus in dogs

Diabetes is one of the types of dog diseases due to the lack and insufficient secretion of the hormone insulin in the body. Blood sugar rises when a dog does not secrete insulin or is unable to use insulin normally. This disease can cause many problems for dogs. But since diabetes is a disease that can be controlled, if you follow a few tips, it is fortunate that your dog can continue to live like a normal dog.

Diabetes is divided into two types:

Type 1: due to a lack of insulin production

Type 2: Poor insulin production and inadequate response to hormones

Symptoms of diabetes in dogs

Increased/decreased appetite
Increased water consumption
Weight loss
increased urination
Urinary tract infection
Cataracts or blindness

How is diabetes treated in dogs?

The vet chooses the method of treatment depending on the severity of the dog’s symptoms and other possible ailments. Each dog may respond differently to treatment. Better dogs may respond to oral medications or high-fiber diets that help normalize blood sugar levels. But for most dogs, insulin injections are necessary to regulate blood sugar.

Note: It is very important to inject your insulin at a specific time each day and not to change the foods you eat with the medicine. This helps keep the dog’s blood sugar level very low and balanced. You can ask your vet to provide you with a diet plan that goes along with your dog’s injections and medications.

Heartworm is a deadly and dangerous disease

Heartworm: A parasitic worm that lives as a host in the hearts and lungs of other animals. The worms begin their journey through the bloodstream, damaging arteries and eventually living in the lungs and heart of the host. Heartworm in dogs is a serious and potentially fatal disease. These worms are transmitted from one animal to another through a type of mosquito and need a female worm and a male worm to reproduce. This parasite can grow up to 30 cm in length. (Related article: Types of Parasitic Canine Diseases

Heartworm symptoms

difficulty breathing
Weight loss and excessive fatigue
Some dogs do not show symptoms until late in the infection.

Methods for diagnosing heartworm in dogs

This parasite can be diagnosed in the following ways and only with reference to the veterinarian:

blood test
Since heartworms are transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes, dogs that live in hot and humid areas are more susceptible to this type of disease.

Cannabis respiratory disease or cough in dogs

Kennel cough is a type of infectious disease in dogs that causes coughing and inflammation of the vocal cords. Cough in a dog is a group of viral and bacterial infections that cause inflammation of the dog’s vocal cords. The virus is easily spread by kennel cough and is contagious


Persistent dry cough in dogs
sputum floatation
Nasal gonorrhea

transfer methods

The virus can be transmitted through shared food or water, or even by playing with two dogs. As you know, viruses can spread easily between dogs in enclosed spaces with large numbers of dogs and poor ventilation (such as shelters). Dogs that have not been vaccinated are more likely to contract the disease

How to treat
You can go to the vet to do the following for temporary recovery.

Separate the affected dog from other dogs.
Steaming or a steamy shower can soothe an inflamed airway.
Avoid exposing your dog to cigarette smoke or other types of tobacco.
Make sure your dog is resting in a stress-free environment.

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