dogs are covered by health insurance, and the Lebanese lament

 dogs are covered by health insurance, and the Lebanese lament

 dogs are covered by health insurance, and the Lebanese lament

According to a report by the French newspaper “Le Monde”, health insurance is available in France for domestic dogs and cats on the basis of about $11 per month for a cat. As for the dog, the insurance for it amounts to approximately $70, which confirms that French dogs and cats are in better care than Lebanese citizens.Pet Insurance 2023: Reviews, Cost, and Companies

In Lebanon, the Lebanese employee and worker often went to the insurance companies because of the difficulties that the insured in the National Social Security Fund faced, whether in terms of reserving a bed in the hospital or obtaining prior approval from the insurance administration, and the insurance companies in Lebanon provided comfort and stability to the insured who He used to enter hospitals easily, but today, after the collapse of the national currency, insurance policies have turned from a blessing into a curse, as companies can no longer cover the content 100 percent after “dollarization” of everything in hospitals, and the content is required to cover the difference.The most famous dog breeds in 2023

In the context, Hani, a former employee of an international insurance company in Lebanon, says, “The phenomenon of animal insurance has become popular in most countries of the world because the animal has become an essential member of the home, and insurance companies have also seen that it has become an essential and profitable service in the markets to the extent that there are some companies that specialize in Only by securing animals.”

He points out that “we had this service in our company before the economic crisis that began in October 2019, but it soon stopped, and at the same time Lebanon is witnessing a proliferation of this type of company that cooperates with all animal stores and veterinary clinics to provide health services, which are It ranges between 40 and 60 US dollars per month.

Hani believes that “despite the economic collapse and the great inflation spreading around the world, these insurance companies are private companies, and those who can afford it have the option to resort to animal health insurance.”

Associate numbers dogs are covered by health insurance, and the Lebanese lament

Regarding the number of insurance associates after the comprehensive “dollarization” that affected all sectors, the director of one of the local insurance companies, Sami Abi Antoun, says that “the numbers of the insured decreased for all insurance policies, and there are mandatory contract policies that were in Lebanese pounds according to the law, but they quickly turned into ‘ The fresh dollar, and thus the entire sector was dollarized,” pointing out that “people used to resort to the compulsory because in the event of any calamity or accident, the payment would be covered in Lebanese pounds.”

As for the reality of insurance in Lebanon today, Abi Antoun indicates that “there are many people who have returned to insurance again, especially those who had social security, but the insurance could not cover hospitalization expenses in dollars because insurance coverage is in Lebanese pounds and at an exchange rate of 1,500 Lebanese pounds, and therefore In order to ensure their life insurance with regard to hospitalization, they returned to insurance again.

In turn, Hani confirms that “the number of insurance affiliates decreased after the collapse of the lira against the dollar, the increase in inflation and the gradual dollarization of the sector, because there are many people whose salaries are still on the Lebanese pound, which is the largest segment that we lost.”

At the same time, he notes that the number of those affiliated with insurance “increased during the Corona pandemic period, although the economic crisis was stifling, but the costs of treatment were high, which forced them to return again.”

The absence of control

As for the problem of hospitals and banks with insurance companies, Hani explains that “there is a misunderstanding that occurs between them and the insurance companies, and there is blame on the insurance that it does not cover, such as the insured patient who waits for hours in the hospital on purpose in order for the hospital administration to pay him the bill in cash in dollars ( Al-Freish), and on the other hand, the hospital administration holds the insurance company responsible for not responding, and the problem is transferred to the company, and this is slander, especially since there is administrative negligence on the part of a bank or a specific hospital, and they place all their blame on the insurance company, pointing out that “this matter has become difficult.” Especially since the law is not strict, and in the recent period there are laboratories and hospitals that only receive dollars, and this policy was set by itself without accountability or oversight.

Rana, 40, says about health insurance for domestic dogs and cats, “There are many Lebanese who think of becoming a dog or a cat in France in order to obtain their rights.”

She adds, “Before the onset of the crisis, I felt the necessity of insurance, especially since I was in the field of self-employment, and the company I had been dealing with for 14 years forced us to pay the insurance policy in ‘fresh’ dollars at the beginning of this year, and the payment takes place either through a bank that I try to avoid.” So that I go to pay it through a private company for money transfers, even though they take two dollars as a commission.”

Since the beginning of the crisis in late 2019, insurance has become divided into a small amount in dollars, and the rest is entirely in Lebanese pounds, and Rana confirms that she may give up several things except insurance.

The Lebanese remain between the two extremes of suffering and bitter cynicism, as animals in other countries are insured without realizing it, while humans and animals in Lebanon are equal in deprivation and remain vulnerable to the treachery of diseases and accidents.


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